Abogados en SegurosAbogados Santiago

Mauricio Osorio

Head of Contracts, Pucobre S.A.
"We have been working with Alejandra and her team for several years now, and they have always been very professional and meticulous in their analyses and information provided to the client regarding corporate insurance programs. Thus, we can say that not only have they been fundamental in the decision - making process of our program, but they have also added value to our business."
Abogados en SegurosAbogados Santiago

Felipe Kattan

Legal Affairs, Compliance and Insurance Manager. Finning South America
"Working with Alejandra and her team has always brought us tremendously satisfactory results. Work success is achieved through a high level of expertise, creativity in the search for solutions and, especially, their commitment to us."
Abogados en SegurosAbogados Santiago

Mariajosé Castillo

Supply Manager, Copefrut
"Working with the team has been relevant for our organization because of their expertise, their high degree of thoroughness, professionalism, commitment and human quality with which they have handled each of the processes we have carried out. Their advice has allowed us to achieve a long-term risk coverage strategy and make decisions accordingly."
Abogados en SegurosAbogados Santiago

Claudio Rebolledo

Deputy General Manager, Inmobiliaria Aumenta
"I recommend Alejandra Schibli and her team for their efficiency, high level of professional commitment and great orientation towards achieving results."
Abogados en SegurosAbogados Santiago

Eduardo Varetto

Head of Purchasing and Supplier Management, Empresas Lipigas
"We have been placing our trust in you as a team for several years now, and this is not because of convenience, nor because there are no other players in the market, but on the contrary, because of the added value you offer us: You are highly qualified specialists with vast experience in the negotiation of all our policies; you are very familiar with our account and risks and in each renewal you propose strategies tailored to the specific context; you have been able to raise coverage levels, cut costs and reach a standard for the entire Group at a Regional level; a work synergy has been achieved where we understand the policies better and you understand the business. The result is the peace of mind that comes from being duly covered against the actual risks."

20 years of experience in Insurance Law

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